DeWitt Family Farm Horse Boarding

Welcome to our farm!

Come board with us!

Welcome to the DeWitt family farm. This is a privately owned farm located in lovely Lapeer, Michigan, north of I-69, just off of M-24. We have Tennessee Walking horses but all breeds are welcome. We have 20 acres for riding and pastures. We are located with-in riding distance of the state game area where we can ride on dirt roads. We are also located with-in trailering distance from several fabulous staging sites for trail riding, including The Elba Equestrian Complex, Hadley Hills, The Cummings Center, and the Polly Ann Trail. 

We have a large (130'X 230') outdoor 3 board fence riding arena and a small (70' x80') outdoor 3 board fence riding arena with sand footing.  We have 6 hot fence pastures. 3  of those pastures are small for horses that cannot have lots of grass.  Horses are pastured based on feeding needs as well as personality. All pastures except one have a lean too for the horses to find shelter form the weather. There are 8 stalls in our barn and a tack room which you can use. We have 3 sets of cross-ties in the main isle with a cement floor.

The Farrier visits every 6-8 weeks. The dentist comes at least once a year, but typically twice. We have the vet out in the spring for shots, and coggins test. You can use these services at the time we do, or you can provide your own. We do not charge to stand with your horse while it is being serviced. We typically have our boarders purchase a year supply of de-wormer and we administer it, this way all horses are on the same schedule and it saves money to buy a year supply. If the owner wishes to administer their own de-wormer, it is allowed as long as they follow our rotation schedule to keep all horses protected. 

All horse coming in must have an up to date Negative Coggins test, and be up to date on vaccines. All horses must be vaccinated every year. No exceptions! No Stallions and No wood chewers please.

See stall board and pasture board pages for more information.....

Contact Julie DeWitt:     810-245-0078

Or Kaitlynn Tuckey:     810-614-1468